Investigatory Project made in 2012 by Cittadinanzattiva in partnership with Fondazione Etica.  In Italy, while corruption spreads, public administrations are still stuck on the issue of transparency. And it is not a contrast of phenomena, the two are closely linked and interdependent indeed, as demonstrated by the data contained in the Report on the transparency in government presented by Cittadinanzattiva and Fondazione Etica in Rome on December 18, 2012.


European funds, southern Italy spends little

In Italy, the inability of spending EU funds by the government is a matter above all, paradixically, concerning the less developed regions, that is to say those of the South, with a use of resources by an average of 22.6%: in particular they are Campania (13.2%) and Sicilia (14.9%) to represent the tips behind. 

The Report on the transparency in government shows a total lack of transparency in the use of community resources. According to data updated at 30 September 2012, National Programmes have certified expenditure level ranging between 12 and 45% of the one programmed, showing better management of EU funds in the event of Education and Research Pon (respectively 45.5 and 36.2% of certified expenditure budget) and less dynamic in the case of Transport Pon (about 12.4%). On the other hand, the Regional Programmes show a greater delay in the use of European resources: the more developed regions have certified, on average, 35.5% of the planned expenditure, while the less developed regions, the very ones who can benefit most the Community support, are still, in fact, an average of 22.6% of the expenditure.

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