Health comes with a click (La salute vien cliccando) is a project carried out in Italy by the School of Cittadinanzattiva and Federchimica Assosalute.
The project activities have affected teachers and students of secondary schools since 2010. The topic of the project is the protection of the right to health, with particular reference to purchase and use of self-medication and other over the counter; the responsible use of the internet to browse and buy safe products for health; understand and address the serious problem of counterfeiting of products (medicinal or otherwise); understand how to safeguard their health by adopting healthy lifestyles and responsible use of medicines.

Over the years, Cittadinanzattiva realized events and focus groups in schol in many cities, used lots of tools to involve students and citizens, such us online guide, a video titled "The real strength is to say NO!",  a brochure, a civic survey to find out what the students "attend" internet to purchase products, also for the health and well-being products.


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